2013-2014 Year Review

We had a fantastic year with the Dominguez y Escalante Society!
Here’s a brief recap: September 2013
Our Chapter President conducted the September 7, 2013 C.A.R. meeting.
C.A.R. members learned about how children participated in the
American Revolution by playing instruments like the fife and drums.

C.A.R. Senior officers

C.A.R. members enjoyed a BBQ after the C.A.R. meeting.

November 2013 

C.A.R. members made Christmas cards for the Veterans Hospital at the November 9, 2014 meeting.
Shirley, Utah State Regent, gave a lesson about Fort McHenry and the meaning of the lyrics to the “Star Spangled Banner. February 2014
February 1, 2014 meeting at the library
C.A.R. members received a lesson about the history of United States ZIP codes from our Senior President, Escalante y Dominguez Society

Meredith talked about her experience representing Utah DAR as a Page at Continental Congress.

C.A.R. members rehearsed their color guard march for the upcoming Utah DAR State Conference in April, 2014.

We hope to see you all at conference in April!