August 2017 meeting and potluck

Welcome to a new year! We had our first meeting with our new President. He’s going to be great!

Our program was given by our Senior President and covered the following topics:

(1) Take Advantage of the National Park Service Archeology Program:

(2) There is a program for FREE national park passes for 4th graders: and junior ranger programs:

(3) “How can you be an ambassador for C.A.R. in your community?” We discussed how we can be patriotic by showing respect for our flag and wearing our new t-shirts from the national conference.

(4) The N.S.C.A.R. project: James Monroe Online

We learned about how records are digitized for public use by watching a short video: “LDS Church Granite Mountain Vaults” YouTube:

Then we enjoyed a potluck lunch. Remember your dues need to be in by the end of December. See you in November!