Social Distancing during COVID-19 Pandemic

We are following social distancing protocol from our National Organization, our Governor, and the Utah State Board of Health. We are doing things a little differently but still moving forward in our service with Children of the American Revolution.

Our past USSCAR President and past Dominguez y Escalante President delivered 500 books for summer reading to Sandy Elementary school. Books were collected by Wasatch Range and DyE society members during the 2019-2020 year.
Our chapter president suggested we make ten veteran cards, place them in a large envelope to mail them to a veterans home somewhere in Utah. These lovely cards were created by our chapter president and sent to Payson Veteran’s Home.
These beautiful cards were created by our chapter Treasurer.
Our chapter president also suggested that we make posters that say something like, “Honk if you Love our Veterans” and then tally up the honks on Memorial Day. Let us know how this went! You could win $5. 🙂

We hope our members stay safe and healthy this year. We enjoyed seeing you via video chat to swear in our new officers for 2020-2021. We look forward to seeing you (perhaps via video chat again) this fall!