The Battle of Saratoga C.A.R. meeting

For our November Dominguez y Escalante society meeting, we learned about the Battle of Saratoga.  We were pleased to hear from this wonderful C.A.R. member about how it was the turning point of the American Revolution and he even brought a few props!



Uintah Chapter Flag Ceremony

The Dominguez y Escalante C.A.R. society was invited to participate in the Uintah Chapter’s October meeting as part of the flag ceremony.
In spite of never having done this before, only observed, they did quite well.
Bringing the flags to the front

Standing at attention during the opening ritual

The Star-Spangled Banner

Afterwards, we were invited to participate in making some stocking stuffers for veterans.

Hard at work!

It was a great learning experience for our young C.A.R. members!

Constitution Meeting and Activity

We held our first C.A.R. meeting of the year on Saturday.  We had great participation from our C.A.R. members in the opening ritual and during our Constitution activity.

The DAR State Regent attended our meeting

We were having too much fun and the meeting was brief and to the point, that this is the only picture we have of our activity–using a nib pen to sign a mock Constitution!

As much as that kind of pen was unfamiliar to our C.A.R. members, they did a GREAT job signing their names.  Nib pens are messy and unusual to use, we ended up with a fair bit of ink on our hands but none on our clothes!

Welcome to the Dominguez y Escalante Society C.A.R.!

The Dominguez y Escalante Society of Children of the American Revolution is the Utah organization of C.A.R.  This society has had its strong years of membership in the past.  After a few years of hiatus, the Dominguez y Escalante Society started building up membership again in the fall of 2010.
Our first meeting August 2010

October 2010–at the Utah Humanities Book Festival with Mark and Caralyn Buehner, illustrator and author of Snowmen at Night

February 2011 meeting, learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

May 2011 state meeting at This Is the Place Heritage Park

In June 2011, a few members of the Dominguez y Escalante Society were able to participate in the Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting, held in Colorado Springs.Our society’s senior recording secretary was able to serve as the Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting’s senior recording secretary

Many new friends were made and the meetings and activities were greatly enjoyed.

August 2011 meeting–we learned about the Constitution and our members came dressed in their colonial clothing or C.A.R. t-shirts

November 2011 meeting–a joint meeting of the C.A.R. and DAR at the Utah State Veteran’s Nursing home

We hope to add more new faces to our C.A.R in the coming year! Please join us in learning more about our patriotic heritage.